Indian Red Cross Society

The mission of the Indian Red Cross

Indian Red Cross Society is constituted by the Government of India by Act XV of 1920 passed by the Indian Parliament. It is the instrument chosen by Indian Legislature to help carry out the obligations assumed by India under international treaties known as Geneva Convention. The legislation imposes on Red Cross the duties to act for the voluntary relief to the Indian people and the Armed Forces, and to take suitable measures to ensure national and international relief to prevent and mitigate sufferings caused by disasters. All the activities of Indian Red Cross Society support these duties. Nationally and locally Indian Red Cross is governed by volunteers, most of its duties are performed by volunteers, and it is financed mostly by voluntary contributions.


PresidentHonorable President of India.
ChairmanHealth Minister, Government of India.
State PresidentHonorable Governor
State ChairmanHon. Minister of Health

Functions of National Red Cross Society

  1. Relief (National and International)
  2. Development of Volunteer base.
  3. Health, Social Welfare, Nursing, First Aid, Maternity and Child Welfare.
  4. Help to disabled persons, weaker sections of society.
  5. Blood Donation.
  6. Junior and Youth Red Cross.
  7. Information and Dissemination.

Activities of Indian Red Cross Society (ICRS):

The Indian Red Cross Society helped soldiers and war prisoners during crisis with neighbouring countries. IRCS is always in the frontline to help people during natural calamities in situation such as cyclones, earthquakes, floods, famines. The general activities of Indian Red Cross are in the field of family welfare, antenatal and postnatal care, immunisation, eradication of TB, polio and other like diseases. About four lakh units of blood are collected every year through Red Cross blood banks. Artificial limbs and other accessories such as wheel chairs and hearing aids are provided to needy and poor people.

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