The Indian Red Cross Society, Pune district branch.

The Pune District Branch of Indian Red Cross Society was founded in June 1921.

The Branch has two buildings. A five storied building at Red Cross House, 11, M.G.Road, Camp, Pune 411001 and a three storied building at 593/2, Rasta Peth, Pune 411011.

Pune District Branch is very well placed on the map of the National and State Red Cross due to several activities and programs.

The IRCS Pune District Branch has completed ninety years of its existence. The Red Cross Movement which started in 1863 has entered into 150th year in 2012.

The Pune District Branch is proud to be a part of the international and national Red Cross network of over 186 countries in the world.

We are Proud to state that the Pune District branch is well placed on the map of the Red Cross on state and national level due to several unique activities and programs. Over the last decade the branch has completed construction of a new building at Rasta Peth and introduced several additional services such as X-Ray, Sonography, C.T. Scan, 2D Echo, Pathological tests, O.P.D., ART Treatment for people living with HIV, YPEP program, H1N1 , Swine Flu awareness program, Diabetes Centre, Disaster Management Training Centre, First Aid courses and so on. The citizens of the Pune have been responding very well to the facilities and projects. We have reached the rural areas in Saswad and Jejuri in Purandar taluka. We are sure of keeping the same rate of progress now onwards and give best quality medical and relief services to the needy people in society.

We have two Sub branches in Baramati and Lonavala. The Baramati Sub branch conducts a well equipped Blood Bank with annual collection of about 3000 blood bags. The Branch also provides Packed Red Cells, Fresh Frozen Plasma and Platelets.

Lonavala Sub branch is doing its best to establish itself as a Blood Storage Centre with training facilities on first aid and disaster management.

Activities of the Indian Red Cross Socity, Pune District Branch

  1. Red Cross School for Hearing Impaired Children established in 1976.
  2. Junior / Youth Red Cross
  3. Disaster Relief Department
  4. Thalassemia Ward and Blood Storage Centre
  5. HIV/AIDS Youth Peer Education Programme
  6. Psychological Support & Counseling.
  7. Health Services through daily OPD and Specialist Services
  8. First Aid and Disaster Management training to volunteers
  9. Heart Care Centre
  10. Diabetes Centre