Contact Us - Pune district branch.

The office of the Society is located at:

593/2, Rasta Peth,
Pune 411 011.
Tel: 020-26068974, 7304922244

Additional facilities are located at:

11, Red Cross House
M.G.Road, Camp
Pune - 411 001

1.O.P.D. at M.G. Road, Pune020-26130311
2.Red Cross School for Hearing Impaired, Red Cross house, 11,M.G.Rd020-26120950
3.O.P.D. Medical Services at Rasta peth020-26068974,
4.Thalassemia & Blood storage centre, Rasta Peth020-26130031
5.Diagnostic Centre020-26122321
6.Junior & Youth Red Cross, Rasta peth020-26122321
7.HIV/AIDS Counseling & Services at Rasta Peth020-26131581

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