Psychological Support And Counselling Centre

Fast changing life style, which is being increasingly defined by cut throat competition and changing family patterns which include working parents have a negative impact on our lives. Every person faces one or other psychological issue during his or her life. And very few seek professional help because of the stigma attached.

Pune being an educational and IT hub is a preferred destination for students and young professionals, who come to Pune from different parts of the country in search of better educational or professional opportunities. Many a times youngsters are unable to handle newly found freedom, money power and work pressure because of lack of maturity and impulsiveness. Lack of communication and family support, failure in adjustment, relationship breakup or sex related problems may lead to stress, depression, suicidal attempts or other psychological problems.

With the professional help person can handle life problems more effectively. Personal stress and tensions affect professional work or vice versa. So keeping work life balance in these days is very important. Keeping this in mind this centre intends to provide counseling services at special concessional rates.

A special project for Mental Health

Services Provided at the Counseling Centre:

  1. One to one personal Counseling.
  2. Family Counseling.
  3. Pre marriage Counseling.
  4. Couple//Marriage Counseling.
  5. Career Counseling/ Vocational guidance with aptitude /Personality/IQ testing.
  6. Testing for learning disability.