Disaster Relief

After the devastating earthquake in Gujarat in January 2001, the Indian Red Cross Society National Headquarters with the support of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Partner National Societies have taken up a number of initiatives to strengthen its emergency response capabilities. Disaster Management Centre, focal point of IRCS Disaster Management Activities, has been set up at the National Headquarters. Three Mobile Disaster Units (MDU) with assessment and operational kits, have been kept in readiness for use in the event of major disasters. National Disaster Response Team consisting 16 members from various States has been formed and trained.

Disaster Relief Committee

Disaster Relief Committee was constituted in 1991 with the following objective:

  1. To co-ordinate efforts of various voluntary agencies for the purpose of bringing relief to citizens affected by any type of large scale disaster, either man made or act of nature.
  2. To mobilize funds, medicines, food clothing and shelter arrangements for the persons affected by some disaster situation.
  3. To arrange for speedy and effective distribution of aid in event of large scale disaster.
  4. To earmark suitable sites for temporary housing of disaster affected persons.
  5. To inform volunteer groups for undertaking responsibilities in such a situation.