HIV/AIDS Awareness

Pune District Branch has been conduction an HIV/AIDS Awareness program since 2003. From 2007to 2012 the program was supported by German Red Cross through the National Society and Maharashtra State Branch.

This is a unique program in which emphasis is given on HIV/AIDS awareness through life skill training program in twenty schools and twenty college. The program is very widely acceptedin city and also in rural areas of Saswadand Jejuri in Purander Taluka. Over 4000 students are trained in each academic year through peer education chain. The program is also extended to industries, slums, rd light areas, PLHIV, school drop out children, self help groups, women's organizations. remand homes, and hospital staff.

Activities organized through the program

  1. HIV Awareness through peer education, group discussions, skits, songs etc.
  2. Program for reducing fear, stigma, and discrimination towards HIV
  3. Community Training in various sectors.
  4. Audiovisual shows, lectures by positive speakers
  5. N G O / Hospital visits
  6. Street Plays, skits
  7. Celebration of World Aids Day
  8. Sensitization of principals of schools and colleges and teachers
  9. Providing access to treatment of HIV through Care and Support program
  10. Counseling of patients, emphasizing ontinuous treatment
  11. Empowering PLHIV to come out of fear and inferiority complex and live as a normal healthy person
  12. Providing ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy ) to PLHIV
  13. Empowerment of girls and women foe healthy living, nutritional awareness
  14. Awareness on sexual reproductive health
  15. Distribution of IEC materials.

Art Centre

Indian Red Cross Society, Pune District Branch started ART centre in 2007.

Pune District Branch has adopted 48 patients for ART treatment, consultation & counseling. 31 patients were given free first line ART treatment at discounted rate.

YPEP project handles the ART centre in all types of counseling to PLHIV patients for example- testing, health living, nutritional counseling adherence to regular treatment etc.

Every month two meetings are conducted for distributing the ART medicines to PLHIV.