Red Cross School for Deaf

Red Cross School For The Deaf is an integral part of the Indian Red Cross Society's projects. The School was established in the year 1976 as there was no special school in the vicinity for the lower socio-economic groups of society. The school was given recognition by the Government of Maharashtra in 1978.

A strong support and guidance from the School Committee for Indian Red Cross Society's School for Deaf has helped the school to progress in its thirty fourth year. The school has adopted new ways of assessment and learning through projects and activities. The students have won several prizes in different competitions. Other annual activities such as inter school yoga competition, annual excursion and annual social of the school takes place every year.

Health Committee of IRCS always takes good care of the health of all the students. All through the year, N.E.C.C. donates eggs to the school. Other diet, courtesy of the parent body, has helped the students to supplement the daily meals. Besides nutritious diet the school also provides free uniforms, stationary, help for the transport etc. to the needy students routinely.

Activities of the school

  1. Craft Competition
  2. Sports Competition
  3. Science Exhibition
  4. Cultural Activities
  5. Suryanamaskar Yoga Competition
  6. Annual Day