Blood Storage Centre

The Indian Red Cross Society's Blood Storage Centre is procuring blood bags from three mother blood banks and issuing after cross matching to the Thalassemic Children admitted in the nursing home of Indian Red Cross Society, Pune.

As far as possible, maximum fresh concentrated human R.B.Cs (PCV) are procured. The Compatibility testing is carried out by a more sensitive method i.e. gel-technique. The blood bags are issued completely free of charge to the Thalassemic Children.

Thalassmia Center

The centre is functioning since 2009 and providing Blood Transfusion facility to the Thalassemia patients completely free of charge. The blood for transfusion is mainly procured from our own blood storage centre. In very few situations blood is also made available from other blood banks.

Eighty Thalassemia Major children have been adopted for free supply of blood and transfusion.

Aims of the centre

  1. To provide quality blood and safe, comfortable transfusion to Thalassemia children.
  2. To provide medical and psychological counseling to Thalassemia children, their parents and family members.
  3. To provide treatment for the side effects of repeated transfusions.
  4. To relieve Thalassemia children of their agonies and help children in leading a normal healthy life.
  5. To provide updates on latest advanced treatments on Thalassemia to parents
  6. To create public awareness on prevention of Thalassemia by testing of carrier status and reducing percentage of Thalassemia in society.

What is Thalassamia?

  1. Blood contains various protein chains alpha, beta, Gama, etc.
  2. When no beta chains are produced, blood is deprived of beta chains.
  3. Thalassemia major arises when male and female both do not have beta chains (Defective genes), Child is likely to be Thalassemia major.
  4. If one gene is normal and other without beta chain, Thalassemia carrier is produced.
  5. When two carriers (Thalassemia Minors) marry:
    25% Carrier Child possibility
    50% Normal Child possibility
    25% possibility of Thalassemia Major Child

What happens if a child is Thalassmic Major?

Goblin and Hem (iron) separates.

  1. Oxygen carrying capacity of blood decreases.
  2. Heart beat faster to compensate.
  3. Reduced capacity of blood to carry oxygen.
  4. This leads to heart enlargement.
  5. Physical growth is reduced.
  6. Anemia develops.

What is the Remedy?

Frequent blood transfusion (15 to 30 days).

How is Thalassmia diagonised?

Child shows no signs upto 4-6 months. Symptoms of Thalassemia Major are:-

  1. Poor growth
  2. Facial and other bone deformities
  3. Fragile bones and fractures
  4. Enlarged liver and spleen
  5. Impairment or normal physical activity
  6. Hb levels less than 7 g/dl on two successive occasions (15 days period)

Iron Overload and Chelation

  1. Normal healthy body reuses iron. Thalassemia children cannot reuse iron, excess iron deposits'.
  2. Chelators remove iron.
  3. Dispersals are common Chelators.
  4. It binds iron and iron is excreted through urine and stool.
  5. Vitamin C reduces Fe3+ to Fe2+, which is removed easily.

Transfusion Associated Infections

  1. HIV
  2. HBV
  3. HCV
  4. Syphilis
  5. Malaria
  6. Infections through transfusions.

Medicine problems in Thalassmia?

  1. Bone changes to osteoporosis.
  2. Hyperactive bone marrow (to proceed H6).
  3. Development of ulcers near joints like ankle joint.
  4. Kidney damage due to excess uric acid.
  5. Thrombophilia (aggregation of clots).
  6. Heart and liver complications.