Radiology-Diagnostic Centre: The Radiology Diagnostic department at the Dr. Bandorawalla Health Center, Pune offers all radiology-related services under one roof. The radiology department is well supported by excellent and highly qualified doctors with technology at its best. Services are offered at very competitive and subsidized rates and the lowest in Pune. CT Scan, Mammography, Stress Test, X-Ray, Ultrasound Sonography, and Bone Density tests are some of the services offered.

Pathology Centre: Correct diagnosis & timely detection are the foundation of disease management, be it acute or chronic. Lack of access to these can leads to complications and can even be fatal. Hence, diagnostic services form an integral part of our center. We have partnered with the best of the labs to ensure that the turn-around time for reports is quick and the reports are accurate. Our medical team follows all medical protocols and hence it does not leave any room for overprescription or underdiagnosis. Once the tests are done, the Doctor reviews every report in detail and suggests a further plan of action which may involve a mix of medicine prescriptions, dietary advice, and recommended exercise routine.

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