First aid training

The Indian Red Cross Society’s, first aid training classes give you the information and the skills you need to help adults and children during many emergency situations. Available in person, our first aid training delivers the latest information in the format that suits you best. Anyone who has ever been involved in a first-response emergency situation will know the value and importance of first-aid. By covering the full spectrum of common injuries, wounds, and other conditions, our First-aid Certification Course and training program will be able to prepare you for a wide range
of different situations. The idea behind first-aid is to provide immediate care to those in need until medical professionals arrive on the scene. While the care of a trained doctor is always the priority, it is often these first- responders who are able to take life or death situations into their own hands. This is why quality first-aid training is so important. First Aid Training is conducted at our premises and even at offices where corporates and industries need the same. Our team of skilled trainers provides the best training and has themselves undergone rigorous training in the field of First Aid.

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