Junior and Youth Red Cross

This is a branch adopted by the Pune District branch and its activities are based on the principles of Health, Service, Friendship, and Dissemination. The movement is specially promoted for inculcating the ideals of Peace, Service, and Caring for one’s own health and that of others. The movement leads to development amongst the new generation, the acceptance of civic and human
responsibility, and the spirit of friendliness towards all other children irrespective of nationality, religion, or caste. About 80 schools and 30 colleges are registered under this activity. 12 young red cross members have taken part in international programs of the Red Cross Society. The JRC programs develop leadership qualities and promote Red Cross Principles. They inculcate Human Dignity, Dignity of Labour, Ideals of Peace, and the Spirit of Service.

  • JRC Activities
  • First Aid
  • Fund Raising
  • Education on causes and cure of disabilities
  • Training of Red Cross Principles, Organisation and Activities
  • Friendship with disabled children and slum children
  • Blood Donation Activities
  • Street Exhibitions and Street Plays on road safety, traffic control.
  • Prevention of fire and Fire fighting
  • Antidrug, Anti-Tobacco Campaigns.
  • Tree Plantation
  • District, Interstate, National and International camps and conferences
  • Literacy Campaigns
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Treks and Excursions

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