Our Contribution to Society


Health and Medical

General OPD

Health and Medical Services at subsidized rates


Skin, Orthopedic, Opthal, ENT, ECG, Dental, Gynac, Surgical, Psychiatric and heart tests

Dental OPD

New Dental Department with state of the art instruments and the best doctors in town. All this at subsidized rates for the underprivileged..


Eye and eye related check-ups, operations and care.


One line about physiotherapy related treatments here.


Another line about yoga and practices here.

Specialized consultants

One line about them here


One line about physiotherapy related treatments here.

Ambulance Services

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School & Children

School for hearing and speech Impaired children

A strong support and guidance from the School Committee for Indian Red Cross Society’s School for Deaf has helped the school to progress in its thirty fourth year. The school has adopted new ways of assessment and learning through projects and activities.

The School was established in the year 1976 as there was no special school in the vicinity for the lower socio-economic groups of society. The school was given recognition by the Government of Maharashtra in 1978.

Junior / Youth Red Cross

The activities of Junior and Youth Red Cross are based on the principles of Health, Service, and Friendship and Dissemination. The movement is specially promoted for inculcating the ideal of peace, service and caring for the own health and the health of others.

Presently there are 43,000 Junior Red Cross Groups in India.

Other notable contributions

Thalassemia Center

Providing Blood Transfusion facility to the Thalassemia patients completely free of charge.

HIV/AIDS Awareness

One line about physiotherapy related treatments here.

Disaster Relief

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Greatness is not what you have,
but what you give.

Your voluntary contributions will strengthen the organization and
support the activities of Red Cross.